The Food

From breakfast to dinner, we know you will just love our traditional Italian recipes, dishes that are full of flavour and taste just like they should.

We hand craft all our food and provide you with amazing plates that you can enjoy, like the Italian’s do – bringing people together, sharing time and fantastic food, whether a couple, a family or just out on your own – Come, relax and dine with us.

Meal: Antipasto Di Capocci

Antipasto Di Capocci

A perfect combination of artisan Italian meats and specially selected British cuts alongside, all specially selected by us to share with pickled vegetables and hand-crafted bread.

Meal: Burrata


A soft shell with a creamy centre. Cut it open and the creamy texture is revealed. This amazing cheese is produced using Buffalo milk, only produced in the Apulia region. Enjoy with our selection of grilled vegetables, tomatoes and a drizzle of honey.

Meal: Pizza Proscuitto

Pizza Proscuitto

Delicate San Marzano tomatoes grace our handmade sour dough pizza base, add to that for di latte soft cheese, rocket and the amazing prosciutto di San Daniele – You will have to be quick if you are sharing this pizza!


A secret family recipe dating back over 80 years, we’ve created some great flavours to enjoy together, or on your own – Whether you’re a Gelato aficianado or you just want to have some fun, we’ve got a treat for you.