A Sprinkle of History

The Capocci family has been making premium-quality, Italian-style ice cream in their home town of Airdrie since 1926. Vincent started the family ice cream business from a tiny backstreet shop in the 1930s and by 1948, had opened a factory. Vincent became a pillar of Airdrie's Italian community and subsequently earned the nickname 'Man in the White Hat.'

When son Ernest joined the business, he coined 'The Capocci Man' name and ran a fleet of over 50 ice cream vans with his Father.

The Original Shop Flowerhill Street

The business still operates from its original premises in Flowerhill Street, Airdrie. Of the 14 ice cream shops that existed in Airdrie in the first half of the 20th century, Capocci Man is the only one remaining! Apart from a handful of selected external cutsomers, Capocci ice cream can only be bought from the Airdrie shop.

"The Worlds number one flavour. Vanilla!"

Ernest Capocci (son of founder vincent).