A Sprinkle of History

where and when?

The Capocci Van

Our traditional ice cream van is available to hire for events and functions! Fully kitted out with whippy ice cream, sauces and cones. With a chance to add optional extras such as slush puppies & scooping ice cream too, we can cater to every sweet tooth!

For more info, contact info@capoccis.co.uk

I love the vanilla ice cream and the lovely ladies that know my order before I enter the shop. First class service with a smile

Mandy Wilson

I think Capocci Man Ice Cream is very nostalgic for a lot of people in different ways. Reminds me of days when I was wee at my mama and papas house sitting out the back on a summers day with a bowl of the finest

Mairi McGhee

The best I've cream in the West of Scotland, no matter the flavour, this family are Airdrie Legends

David Truesdale

Flowerhill Street - The Original Shop

The business still operates from its original premises in Flowerhill Street, Airdrie. Apart from a handful of selected external cutsomers, Capocci ice cream can only be bought from the Airdrie shop and our very own ice cream van!

Mr Capocci

Capocci ice cream has been known and loved by many since 1926. To this day, Ernest Capocci (son of the founder Vincent) and his long-serving team are the only people who know the secret Capocci Ice cream recipe.

Premium Homemade Ice Cream

Sourcing only the finest ingredients to both excite and delight customers, our ice cream is lovingly prepared, and freshly made from a secret Italian recipe passed down through the generations.

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